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Regarded as one of the nation's finest concert halls, Royce Hall was the original building on the UCLA campus (built in 1929) and continues to be the iconic symbol of the University.  Few university buildings on this continent have become as widely recognized as Royce Hall, and its stage has been graced with some of the finest speakers and performers in music, dance and theater for over 80 years.

Royce is home to one of the nation's leading performing arts presenters, UCLA's Center for the Art of Performance (CAP UCLA).  In addition to CAP UCLA presentations, Royce Hall is often rented out for concerts, theatrical productions, awards shows, film shoots, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, and more.

Rental events at Royce Hall benefit from the first rate services of our professional event management team, production crew, house staff, and the UCLA Central Ticket Office. And on weekends and evenings we have ample and convenient venue parking!
With 1,836 seats, a state of the art sound system, fully hung lighting plot, extensive dressing rooms, a rehearsal room, indoor/outdoor reception facilities, and a world-class reputation, Royce Hall is one of L.A.’s premiere event locations.

Rental Contacts:
Anthony T. Jones
Rental and Cultural Partnerships Manager
Christina Montano
Rental Associate

Technical Contact:

Jeff Wallace
Production Manager

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Royce Hall 360° degree views
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